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U-Turn 4 Better Health

Learn how you can develop a strong immune response to the current crises, reverse diabetes, balance blood pressure, and prepare healthy, delicious meals.

If the current crisis has taught us anything, it's the importance of having a strong immune system. Join us nightly, January 29 - February 5 as Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Beverly George Johnson walks us through how we can build and maintain optimum health and an effective immune system.

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U-Turn 4 Better Health Topics

1 January 29 Eat to Live and not Die 5:00 PM EST  
2 January 30 Build your Immune System Naturally 8:00 PM EST PDF
3 January 31 Cooking Class 8:00 PM EST  
4 February 1 Balance your Blood Sugar, 101 8:00 PM EST PDF
5 February 2 Cooking Class 8:00 PM EST  
6 February 3 Happy Belly... Gut Balance 8:00 PM EST SLIDES
7 February 4 Rejuvenate your Life... Natural Detox 8:00 PM EST  
8 February 5 Simple Home Remedies 5:00 PM EST  

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