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Bible Discovery Center is an innovative new online platform working in collaboration with local churches and ministries to reach people where they are with the Gospel. Features include: 

  • Trained Bible Instructors/coaches
  • Customizable Web Page/Domain
  • Small Groups Bible Studies
  • Interactive Online Lessons
  • Printable Lessons
  • Interest/Attendance Tracker
  • Prayer/Support Groups
  • Dynamic Ministry Network
  • Kids Bible School / VBS

Besides the features mentioned above, we facilitate the following resources, which have proven invaluable for discipleship and preparation for evangelism:

  • Friendship Evangelism training
  • "The Journey" End Times Events Series
  • When We Pray Ministries International
  • U-Turn for Better Health
  • The Simplicity of the Gospel daily devotions
  • Online Vacation Bible School - VBS (

Bible Discovery Center's Community Bible School

While these features and resources may be used independently of one another, our team has prepared a complete course that combines the features and resources of Bible Discovery Center and its affiliates to help both members and guests grow in their understanding of the Bible, utilize their gifts and experience meaningful Christian connections. 

Community Bible School Features and Benefits

Captivating Programing

Each session consists of an interesting mix of Fun Quizzes, Bible Presentations, Group Interactive Discussions, and Question and Answer sessions. You'll be surprised at how interesting studying the Bible really is. Many participants say they’ve learned more about salvation in Christ in just a few weeks than they had learned in many years of being a Christian and participating in various studies.

Develop and exercise your gifts

Bible Discovery Center provides a unique opportunity (through our Group Interactives) for those desiring to become coaches and Bible workers to develop and exercise their gifts in these areas.

From Gospel essentials to the Prophecies

Our Free Bible Courses cover everything from Gospel essentials to the Prophecies of Daniel and the Revelation. 

Build Lasting Faith-Supporting Relationships

Your walk with God is very personal - yet it's not meant to be traveled alone. Enjoy enlightening and relevant Bible truths while connecting with Christian friends in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Our Bible Discovery Small Groups allow participants to share one another's joys and burdens as they pray with one another. 

Free and Open to All

Our Community Bible School is completely free and open to all.

We're looking forward to welcoming you!

On the Cutting Edge of Technology

One of our chief objectives is to develop a modern interactive digital platform that congregations around the world are excited to use in sharing the Gospel with their community and beyond.

Feature-rich website

We developed our website on Drupal, the same technology used for the White House’s website. This affords maximum flexibility and scalability, allowing us to handle the many aspects and demands of our ministry, including online lessons, attendance tracking, blogs, articles, and discussion forums. 

Interactive Bible Study

Printed and static lessons have certainly served us well, but everyone knows the power of interaction. Our online lessons provide real-time interaction, meaning that the student receives immediate feedback when they submit an answer. Not only will they know immediately whether their answer is correct, but the author can provide additional feedback based on the answer submitted. This is powerful!

There is Hope Bible Studies

One of the biggest requests by Bible students, pastors, and evangelists has been for quality lessons. Developed and edited by a team of pastors and Bible instructors, these lessons address questions most asked by people seeking hope and a closer relationship with God. 

Friendship Evangelivin

Empowering Disciples in Effective Evangelism “The Friendly Way” through Friendship “Evangelivin” training. Participants discover how to effectively:

  • Use their Spiritual Gifts
  • Reach their Family and Friends for Christ
  • Use Teachable Moments to Witness
  • Have Peaceful visits with Family and Friends
  • Present Bible Studies

Bible Workers Association

In addition to our team of pastors, who are our main presenters and who also provide guidance, training, and access to valuable resources necessary for the effective functioning of the ministry, we also have a dedicated team of Bible Instructors, Coaches, and Technical staff who have completed the Friendship “Evangelivin” Training and have demonstrated skill in applying the principles in the field and/or via our digital platform. 

All our team members: 

  • Understand and embrace the gospel 
  • Demonstrate dedication to the mission of Christ and His church
  • Are skilled in dealing with Bible questions
  • Understand the importance of being friendly, prepared, well organized and communicative


Many of our coaches have full time employment in the corporate world, and we appreciate the tremendous sacrifice of time that they make in order to serve. 

Bible Workers 

Every Evangelist’s Dream

Every seasoned evangelist desires to have a good team of Bible workers to prepare the prospects to hear and receive the messages presented in an evangelistic series. Bible Workers are professional Bible Instructors who have committed their lives to meet people where they are with the gospel. 

Financial support

Many Bible Workers have given up their corporate jobs, sensing a call to spend more time impacting lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Of such they depend on financial support from local congregations, ministries, and evangelists who enlist their services. 

A Great Investment

A most disappointing result of many evangelistic campaigns is the high number of new members who leave the church shortly after their baptism. New believers (who receive the message during such outreach efforts) who have the services of a Bible worker before and after baptism are much more likely to remain in the church and to become disciples of Christ. Investment in any evangelistic outreach should therefore include Bible workers. Our aim is to prepare Bible Workers to meet the needs of every outreach, whether in a church, in a tent, or online.

We look forward to collaborating with your local church in your pre, seasonal and post evangelistic efforts to enlist and equip all members to engage in effective soul winning for Christ, and make the tools God has blessed us with available to aid you in doing so.


  • Angela K Powell 
  • Garette Christie 

Pastoral Team/Presenters:

  • Pastor Mikel Moore - (Youngstown, Ohio)
  • Pastor Anibal El. Hansell (Parkville, Maryland)
  • Pastor Jenks Brutus (Massachusetts)
  • Pastor Augustus Mcleod (Aberdeen, Maryland)
  • Dr. Robert Salter

Web Admin

  • Garette Christie

Coaches and Bible Workers

  • Janice
  • Kay
  • Kelly
  • Paul
  • Tonda

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